Skylyne Recording Studio, Akron, Ohio

Full Service Recording Studio

  • Tracking/Editing/Mixing
  • Demos
  • Production and Preproduction
  • Jingles
  • Music For Film
  • Sound Design
  • Voice Over
  • Guitar Lessons
  • Recording Arts Classes

Pro Tools System

  • In-Studio Drums
  • An Array Of Pro Mics and Mic Preamps
  • 32 Channel Soundcraft Ghost© Recording Console

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Recording Workshops

It Starts With Getting Clean Well Recorded Tracks.

You’ve got a band. You’ve got some good tunes. You want to record them and get them onto CD or online. So you buy some recording gear, set up some microphones, everybody’s playing great. But when you listen back, its not quite what you thought is would be. You do some more takes, some more sessions…it ain’t happenin’.

I’ve seen a lot of this in recent years and I’ve decided to do something about it. It all starts with getting good tracks. That’s the key. It isn’t as easy as you think, but if you know the basics of recording and how to get great tracks from day one, you’re on your way. Otherwise, when the good folks at your friendly neighborhood record label (or for that matter your friendly neighborhood neighbors) listen, they won’t listen again. So how do you get to where its safe to do this at home? Well, I can teach you.

Five Weeks And You’ll Hear The Difference.

I have put together a five week recording workshop where you’ll get instruction in things such as control room signal flow, different types of mikes and their applications, EQ and compression, time based FX such as ‘verb and delay, microphone input, direct input and MIDI recording.

The workshops are structured around classroom instruction of each skill and then hands on (your hands) in the studio reinforcing the class work.

Classes are limited to no more than four students, so you get lots of attention as you work your way through a recording project that includes demonstrating the miking of and recording of drums, guitars, bass, keyboards, vocals and sweetening tracks. At the end of your five weeks, you’ll have learned how to carry out all of these techniques.

Course One: Basics Of Recording

  • Control Room Signal Flow
  • Analog And Digital Recording Consoles
  • How Multi Track Recording Works
  • Microphones, Preamps, Direct Boxes
  • Mike Placement And Application
  • Listening To The Room
  • Equalizers And Filters
  • Compressors And Limiters
  • Reverbs And Delays
  • Computer Based Audio Production
  • Software Signal Processing
  • Midi Devices
  • Recording With Samples And Loops
  • Automation And Syncronization

5 Week Workshop $475.00 per student (less if class has 3-4 students). Three Payments.

Course Two: Editing And Mixing

  • Setting Up For The Mix
  • How To Use The Stereo Field
  • EQ For The Mix
  • Compressing/Limiting For The Mix
  • Cutting And Pasting A Performance
  • Setting Up Aux and FX Tracks
  • How To Use Sends And Inserts
  • Leveling And Panning In The Stereo Field
  • Monitors and Monitoring
  • Incorporating MIDI and Sample Libraries
  • Tricks Of The Trade
  • Intro To Mastering

5 Week Workshop $475.00 per student (less if class has 3-4 students). Three Payments.